People and Spaces

We consider the needs and requirements of our clients and the environment in which each building is uniquely situated. These aspects are critical to good design and inform the choice of materials and construction techniques for each and every building.


Architecture is fundamentally about making places for people to live, work and play. The places we make and the way we make them have an effect on users, at local level and the international level. Increased living standards have led to a new expectation of our internal environment with significant resources being used for the running/maintenance of our buildings. By understanding our clients’ needs we can offer an optimum level of use and comfort. In short we aim to create a greater empathy between how we live and the places we inhabit.


Architecture has a responsibility to connect to its environment to create safe, cohesive communities. We aim to create projects where we improve the physical, social and environmental context between buildings. By understanding of local planning processes, the wider international context and the use of passive design and self finish materials we aim to create a responsible and responsive architecture.

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