How we do it

Our clients are our primary concern

We are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative and contemporary solutions for all of our projects ranging from small house extensions to new build houses and offices.

What we bring to the table

We are a small office who bring creative solutions to a variety of different projects, and because we are small we bring continuity and creativity together under one roof and believe that good design is the key to a good building.

It takes time to create architecture and we work to provide options which  inform your decisions. Trusting in the team you have chosen is the single most important step in the creative process, together with our experience and expertise, we are better able to help and guide you through the many tasks and decisions which have to be made.

Who we work with is important

We can introduce you to our consultant; coordinate your project through concept design, planning and construction; deliver a quality product that meets your ambitions, expectations, resources and deadlines.

Value Added

Good design does not necessarily mean more expense! Our clients prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of a small office, and our bespoke service is tailored to the clients best interests, brief and budget.

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Silk Mews Architects